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What you need to do to extend the life of your underwear is on

What should you pay attention to when choosing underwear?

What should you pay attention to when choosing underwear?

  • Don’t go cheap on underwear.
  • Underwear, which uses poor quality materials in production, fades, deforms and wears out rapidly.
  • You can choose clothes in white color for everyday use because they are suitable for cleaning with bleach.

  • Underwear should be of good quality as well as soft and comfortable.
  • Choose durable combed cotton underwear suitable for washing in high-temperature water. Thus, you will use underwear that is both durable and hygienic.

How to wash underwear?

  • When washing your underwear, remember that they are made of delicate combed cotton.
  • Avoid constantly hand-washing underwear. Hand washing is not always the best method, just wash your delicate fabric underwear by hand and with shampoo.
  • Wash your white color laundry by adding bleach.

  • Make sure to wash your newly purchased laundry using the delicate washing program of the washing machine.
  • Wash your daily used clothes made of durable combed cotton using a washing bag and at low temperatures.
  • Always use a washing bag or a bra cage when washing your bras in the machine so that they are not deformed and worn out.
  • Wash silicone clothes by hand and in slightly warm water.
  • Hot water causes the silicones to melt.

How to care for underwear?

  • Do not hang your underwear, take care to dry it by laying.
  • Dry your underwear according to the model and fabric.
  • If it’s a delicate fabric, let it dry without wrinkling.
  • Hot ironing clothes made from delicate fabrics such as silk, satin and lace.

  • If your underwear dries folded, curled and wrinkled, it will lose its shape.
  • In these cases, straighten your laundry by hand before it dries.
    Iron your underwear after washing.

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