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Women’s Underwear Preferences According to the Zodiac Sign


Underwear Preferences by Zodiac Sign

The zodiac signs, which are especially of interest to women, undoubtedly affect our personality. As much as we carry the characteristics of our own zodiac sign, recently our birth charts are one of the factors that shape our lives. While we read our daily horoscopes with curiosity, we also attach great importance to the characteristics of our zodiac signs in our own behavior.
The zodiac signs, which affect our lives so much, of course, have a very important place in our underwear choices.
Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic structure. Some zodiac signs have characteristic features that like to look classic, some sporty, and some like to look attractive.

So, are we making the right choices according to the characteristics of our zodiac sign?


Fire group zodiac signs

Leo, Sagittarius and Aries signs, which we call the fire group, mostly prefer red underwear and nightgown models, while they are more interested in fancy underwear models that are more flamboyant and shiny, even leopard-patterned, compared to other zodiac signs. The best fantasy underwear products for fire signs, who like models that reveal their body lines, are suspenders and body stockings.

Bright and Vibrant Colors

The strongest and ideal color of the zodiac sign is red tones. Due to their energetic nature, they should prefer more attractive and effective laundry. They will express themselves better if they prefer bright and vibrant colors. As an Aries you are strong, energetic and unstoppable!
aries 1

Brave in Your Choices

Leo women are the sexiest of the zodiac signs. His fondness for taste and luxury enables him to make bold choices. Color preferences are gold, light gray and leopard print ones. They can't give up sexy underwear products with lace and feathers. She likes colorful underwear with lots of accessories.
leo 1

Quality and Durable

Sagittarius, who loves to use the strong color of lilac in his underwear, is definitely after quality and durable products. Favorite colors of women of this zodiac sign are turquoise, dark blue and especially purple. Due to their free nature, they like adventure and being inspired by nature.
Sagittarius 1

Soil group zodiac signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs, which we call the earth group, prefer simple but stylish fantasy underwear products that will be confident and highlight the places they love on their bodies, but are also far from ostentatious. Among the most popular products for earth signs that prefer pastel tones and dark colors are nightgowns and fantasy underwear models using satin fabrics.

High Quality & Elegant Things

Sensual Taurus signs; They like thin, high quality and elegant things. They will be powered by delicately embroidered sexy pink lingerie. Ideal colors are light pink, pastel shades. Stylish and delicate pieces will always be the right choice for them. The colors she likes in underwear; Shades of blue are light pink and lilac.

Harmony of Colors

For the gentle and sensitive Virgo women, being sexy without escaping to femininity and vulgarity should be at the forefront. They can be seductive with noble cream tones and sexy nightgowns. Favorite color is white, cream and pale yellows. They have a bit of a hard time liking. They are masters in the harmony of colors.

Stylish but Comfortable

Sophisticated and stable Capricorn women carry any outfit well, with the strength of their grace. Buys models that use plain and solid colors. Favorite colors are yellow, brown and naphtha. Lightly embroidered lace dressing gowns and satin products. Without taking too much risk, black and sexy suits are for them.

Water group zodiac signs

Cancer, pisces and scorpio signs, which we call the water group, generally prefer softer and lighter colors. The most preferred models of this zodiac sign group, who do not like to show off but want to highlight their sexiness, are undoubtedly body corsets, garter sets and bralettes.

Shiny and Fine Textures

Relaxed and brave Cancer women should be able to use their underwear as outerwear as well. Crabs, who prefer shiny and fine textures, also like bandaged models. Favorite colors are pearl white, silver and gray. Cancer zodiac signs, who do not like to show much, should make emotional, romantic and simple choices.

Colorful, Shining, Sparkly

Versatile and romantic, fish like to wear shades such as aqua green and blue in their underwear. It is as if very detailed, romantic and silk detailed suits were created for them. She is very fond of her ornament. She is fond of bright and colorful fabrics. The warmth of velvet and the innocence of silk are the underwear fabrics that best reflect her style. Favorite colors are baby blue and green tones. They are generous, sensitive and compassionate. Colorful, shiny, sparkly pieces will be the right choice for them.

Suspenders and Sexy Petticoat

Scorpio women, who prefer passionate colors such as deep red and black, do not miss traditional items such as lace. The bedroom should be just as fun for them as a costume party. Favorite colors are black, burgundy and dark brown. Always passionate, the Scorpio woman can easily choose sexy pieces that not everyone can easily choose. Garter panties will be the right choice.

Air group zodiac signs

Air signs, which include our Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signs, prefer fantasy underwear products that will make them feel more comfortable. Fantasy costumes and fantasy underwear products in vivid colors are also very suitable for these zodiac signs, who like to make a difference as much as they are comfortable.

Fun and Comfortable

The Twins woman's favorite color is medium blue. Although she prefers colors such as light blue or pink, it is possible to find underwear of all kinds in her wardrobe. Vintage touches and shades of green in underwear are for them. They prefer models that are more striking. Fine details are important to them.

Loves Feminine Details

Libra woman, who is fond of her beauty, prefers eye-catching underwear. Breathtaking sexy costumes, pastel colors such as pink, fuchsia, baby's mouth are ideal. A Libra always shines in the blue. Loves feminine details. Since aesthetics is important to them, they prefer quality and special fabrics.

Feathered and Lacy

The favorite of this zodiac woman is a mixture of colors. The Aquarius woman is smart and intelligent and has a different light. They always use attention to detail, but turquoise pieces will be an ideal choice for them. His unique fantasy underwear selections show that his madness knows no bounds.

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